Taking the piccolo to new heights

Nan Raphael


Exciting New Repertoire for Performances of Surprising Versatility

A versatile performer with a clear and sumptuous tone, Nan Raphael's playing has been called "an elegant and exceptional treat". She has been a frequent soloist at concerts and festivals across the United States since 1979. As a result of a wealth of new and exciting repertoire written over the last 3-4 decades, she has been able to demonstrate the versatility of this much maligned little instrument.

“Her melodic approach was elegant and relaxed...the instrument can do almost anything-dance joyfully, keen softly and sing an ancient pentatonic melody....enchanting” The Washington Post

“If you think a piccolo can produce only shrillness, you would change your mind on hearinig Raphaels’ zephyr tones”  The Capitol

Nan's world premiers include Dos Danzas Latinas and The Dance of the Southern Lights for Solo PIccolo and Band. Her acclaimed debut solo CD "Short and Sweet has been called spectacular, emotional and moving.

                                             In Prague with the International Flute Orchestra


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